Minori is one of the most recognizable personalities in Japan's shironuri("painted white") subculture. Shironuri has historical roots in traditional Japanese kabuki theater and geisha makepu. The theme of Minori's shironuri work is "conversation with nature". Her shironuri-related skills include fashion design, makeup, and styling. Minori is also a visual artist with a backrounded in illustration. Her facebook page got more than 20,000 likse and most of her fans live in foreign countries. She has her first exhibitions last year and 2013 in Tokyo.

Official website: http://minori.co/
Minori's official facebook: https://www.facebook.com/minori0000

Eldo YOSHIMIZU was a famous public art creator, and still there are so many his works in Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka area, and also in Singapore. He was really successful, but could not forget a dream of being a Manga artist.

In September 2011, his manga noir, Ryuko, was released. Steeped in blood and gunpowder, it is a swashbuckling story that questions the true nature of the moral code and has as its main character a female underground yakuza boss named Ryuko.

The story line is based on the “Evil and Justice are two sides of the same coin”, and it is very strong message the Ryuko has sent to audiences.

Written in the present continuous tense, this work was copied, page-by-page, by Yoshimitsu from the manga he created and is exhibited as panels.

Consequently, not only can the work be read as a Manga book, but each separate page also stands alone as an independent print. The sense of distance between the work and reader born out of the exhibition of the manga accentuate the beautiful monochrome of the ink and the free division of the frames, which transcends the rules of manga. This also prompts a recollection of the public art Yoshimizu had created in previous times.

This Ryuko is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015 and it would be published.

RYUKO's official facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eldo.Ryuko
Official Website : http://www.eldoyoshimizu.com/


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